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Your Apprentice Guide

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  1. Contact Sarina Russo for advice on over 600 qualifications
  2. Sarina Russo will organise a training contract for you to sign and you’ll complete an induction with your employer
  3. Sarina Russo will contact your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for you
  4. Register your details with the State Training Authority (STA)
  5. Your STA will send you a confirmation letter that your apprenticeship has been registered
  6. You and your employer must ensure you are enrolled with your chosen RTO. A Student Enrolment Fee may need to be paid
  7. Start your training
  8. After 6 - 7 months, you will sign a claim form to confirm you and your employer are undertaking the relevant training, and you're accessing all eligible incentives
  9. After 6 - 7 months, Sarina Russo will contact you to check on your progression
  10. Continue with your training
  11. At the 12th and 24th month milestone, Sarina Russo will contact you to ensure everything is on track

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