Turn a lack of experience into a positive - 2017 school leavers

2017 school leavers can turn work inexperience into a positive

When job searching, the Class of 2017 can turn their lack of experience into a positive for potential employers according to Dianne Fletcher, CEO, Sarina Russo Job Access. 

Ms Fletcher said employers want a ‘can do’ personality, ‘will do’ attitude and ‘will fit’ company culture.

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“School leavers can promote their understanding of new technology, their multi-tasking ability, their high energy levels and the fact they are flexible as they have few commitments outside work.

 “The ‘Class of 2017’ should also be aware of a few simple strategies employers use to choose the best job candidates.

 “To get through the job application stage the preparation of a good resume is important .  When reading resumes most employers look for:

  • Part-time work – initiative, a work ethic and customer service skills
  • Voluntary work– preparedness to give something back to the community
  • Extra-curricular activities –ability to prioritise and multi-task.
  • Sports or team-based activities – good discipline, focus and teamwork. Refereeing also shows great leadership qualities and people management.
  • Academic attendance and achievement – ability to apply yourself to a task

 “At the interview stage a school leaver can impress an employer if you:

  • Are neatly attired, polite and on time for the interview.
  • Have researched their business and understand their industry
  • Can relate how your personal qualities will benefit their business.
  • Leave your mobile phone in your pocket AND switched off

Lastly – what does your social media footprint say about you?  Employers will search!

To assist school leavers get ideas for careers of today and into the future - http://joboutlook.gov.au is an extremely useful online resource

Ms Fletcher said The Class of 2017 also need to become proactive jobseekers because jobs don’t look for you.

  • Don't be shy - reach outside of your comfort zone and contact people you've never met
  • Prepare a list of relevant questions about the industry, the company and you can add value; and
  • Be professional - even if there's no work now, they will remember you.
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