Mature aged staff are part of the furniture at Coringle

Mature aged staff are part of the furniture at Coringle

Coringle Furniture use Australian hardwood to create bed-frames and bedside tables to supply retailers such as Harvey Norman, Snooze and Forty Winks. 

In their experience, mature aged job-seekers are an untapped resource of quality labour. 

Coringle Furniture’s Production Manager, David Roberts, is a staunch supporter of mature aged workers and the Federal Government’s Restart program.

Drive your business with a wage subsidy 

Sarina Russo Job Access, Ringwood helps David and his team pre-screen, shortlist and even mentor their mature aged workers - at absolutely no cost. 

Mature-aged employee Van, of Burmese background, is one of David’s success stories. 

David said “Van is really keen to work and eager to learn.” 

Whether it’s culture, gender, age or even personality, Coringle Furniture has a commitment to diversity in their workplace.  They make it work through respect and appreciation of difference. 

Anyone who has ever worked in a production or a factory is aware it is a time, quality and target sensitive environment - daily production deadlines and quotas need to be met in a safe manner.

Mature aged workers, like Van, fit perfectly into the factory floor environment. 

David said Van’s been a great addition to the team. 

So why did David decide to fill his vacancy through jobactive’s Restart program to hire mature aged workers?

His answer - Why wouldn’t we!!!

David said older worker brings a wealth of experience, are more settled in their personal life and can provide a steady example to the younger team members. 

“Van has proven himself to be a loyal and reliable worker and we are really pleased with what he has brought to our production team. 

"We have no fear in hiring any jobseeker who can bring the right attitude, the right work ethic and some basic skills to build on. 

For Coringle Furniture a wage subsidy is a bonus.  More important is if the jobseekers can do the job and work well with others.  

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