Sarina Russo’s 10 Rules for Success

Sarina Russo’s 10 Rules for Success

1. Positive Self Belief & Positive Self Image.
YOU ARE THE VOICE – It’s your interpretation of failure or success that makes a difference. Take a leap of faith and back your ability.

2. Stay Passionate
Love who you are today in pursuit of who you want to be tomorrow.

3. Never stop learning.
Keep growing every day because the age of technology is with us.

4. Have a daily exercise discipline. 
Fitness gives you energy, empowerment & natural endorphins.

5. Disrupt yourself before someone else does! 
Demand more of yourself as you demand more of others.

6. Elevate your thinking
Life's 80% psychology and 20% skills. Think differently and move the world.

7. It’s not what others think – it’s what you think.  
It’s your interpretation of your experiences of failure or success that makes the difference.

8. Be Insanely Good!
Do Ordinary Things – Extraordinary Well!

9.  Never Give Up. 
As Steve Jobs said "Don’t Settle, Stay Hungry & Foolish".

10. Build your Brand.
Be accountable and transparent - integrity and trust is everything.



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