Wayne hooks two hidden jobs!

Wayne hooks two hidden jobs!

Twenty seven year old Wayne Archer’s no stranger to hard work.

The former Sunshine Coast Labourer was made redundant but pounded the pavement in search of work, literally knocking on dozens of doors.

After anding out over sixty resumes a week, it wasn’t long before the job market came looking for Wayne.

Both Mooloolah Fisheries and the Alexandra Heads Surf Club offered Wayne casual positions to start work immediately.  

Wayne says it’s all about persistence and presentation and while his redundancy came as a shock, Sarina Russo Job Access empowered him to be more resourceful.

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Tips to Crack the Hidden Job Market:

  • Don't be shy – reach outside of your comfort zone and contact people you've never met;

  • If you have a mutual contact, ask if they can refer you to them;

  • Make an impression – plan how you'll sell yourself;

  • Prepare a list of relevant questions about the industry, the company and your potential role; and

  • Be professional – even if there is no work now, they may remember you.

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