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What does this mean for employers?

Employers are supported to find the most suitable candidates, and once commenced in employment as an apprentice, we work together to support them to complete. This means better staff retention, improved staff performance and therefore significant savings to your business’s bottom line. We are interested in supporting you to find the best fit, and then working with you to retain staff.  We do this by providing you and your apprentice In-Training Support.

What is included with In-Training Support?

Designed to support your Apprentice or Trainee to complete, In-Training Support includes:

  • Regular mentoring support; both face-to-face or phone support at a time convenient to your business.

Our trained team of mentors, work together, with you and your apprentice to address areas of need.  The service is tailored to the individual needs of your apprentice. We begin by thoroughly assessing the needs of your apprentice and creating a tailored support plan.  Mentoring support can include;

  • Assistance to improve the personal, family or community support of your apprentice. 
  • Learning support in collaboration with  their RTO. 
  • Workplace mediation to support? performance issues. 
  • Access to an online community support with a range of useful resources.
  • Linkage to a variety of other community-based services designed to meet your needs.

The frequency, mode and duration of mentoring are  all determined on a needs basis in collaboration with the apprentice and employer.  Our mentors role is primarily to support your apprentice, but we understand we do this best by supporting the employer as well.

How much does Targeted Services cost an employer?

Sarina Russo Apprenticeships offer Targeted Services FREE to eligible Apprentices and Trainees, as part of our contractual agreement with the Federal Government.

The only cost to you is the small investment of time to allow your Apprentice or Trainee to connect to, and benefit from this service.

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