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Five tips when contacting referees

Five tips when contacting referees

How does an employer approach a referee to get the most detail about a future employee? 

To help you find the best candidate for your team follow these 5 tips 

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Observe the referees reaction to your call

If a referee responds professionally and with confidence, you know they are a reliable source of information and your candidate is well prepared. Alternatively, if they are blasé about the process or are surprised by your call, a red flag should go up immediately. 

Look at the referees qualifications

The higher the standing of the referee and their level of interaction will help clarify the work ethic and personal values the candidate possesses. 

Assess their enthusiasm

A referee’s tone of voice speaks volumes about their relationship with the candidate. Is the referee enthusiastic and eager to sing their praises, or are they more guarded and reserved? 

Seek a well-rounded opinion about the candidate’s employment

A good referee will speak of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Ask for their opinion about the candidate’s suitability for the position, and don’t be afraid to dig deeper. 

Ask them for any extra comments

Once you have asked your questions and gathered examples, be sure to for any additional comments or thoughts. This will reinforce the opinion of the referee and pinpoint the personal and professional qualities the candidate can bring to your team.


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