3 job applicants worth a second look

3 job applicants worth a second look

As an employer, you get hundreds of applications for any advertised position which may mean some ruthless culling based on skills levels and relevant experience. 

But it pays to consider the bigger picture about how diverse candidates can benefit your business. 

Personal attributes like loyalty and enthusiasm may turn an unlikely applicant into a major asset to your organisation. 

Below are three job applicants whose CVs are worth a second look. 

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The new graduate

Many universities encourage students to get practical experience as part of their degrees, so don’t forget to consider any work placements or voluntary experience included on the applicant’s CV. But generally, what recent graduates lack in experience, they make up for in fresh perspectives and knowledge of the latest research and technologies in your industry. What’s more, as a blank slate this is the ideal person to train up in your business’s ‘house style’ or preferred ways of working. 

The parent returning after a career break

Parents returning to the workforce after maternity leave or a career break offer a valuable combination of professional knowledge and life skills like time management and good communication. They are keen to come up to speed with new industry developments as quickly as possible and may be open to part time or flexible hours that are unsuitable to other workers. They will reward a family-friendly work place with company loyalty, which means your investment in training can really pay off down the track. 

The late career applicant

Mature applicants in the job market following redundancy or a desire to change careers bring the kinds of sales, communication, management and people skills that can only be gained from experience. They may not make a long term career with your company, but they bring a wealth of industry knowledge that you can benefit from here and now. A longer employment history also indicates a good work ethic. Next time you’re faced with a daunting pile of applications, it’s worth remembering that fresh perspectives, company loyalty and employees who are grateful for jobs that suit their lifestyle are valuable assets in any workplace.

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