$30,000 Boost to hire SEQ youth

$30,000 Boost to hire SEQ youth

South East Queensland employers have up to 30,000 reasons to hire a young person with the Queensland Government’s expansion of their $20,000 Youth Boost Payment in combination with the Federal Government’s Youth Wage Subsidy of up to $10,000* - Click to Register

The $20,000 Youth Boost Payment* is available to employers who hire a 15-24 year old jobseeker for at least 35 hours per week between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018.  Eligible part-time jobs attract 75% of the full support payment.

A $15,000 Employer Support Payment* is also available from the Queensland Government for employers who hire the long-term unemployed (52 weeks +) with much the same eligibility criteria as Youth Boost Payment. 

Under jobactive’s new ‘employer focussed’ model, a vast pool of job ready candidates now attracts a wage subsidy*. Gone are the days of wage subsidies being reserved for only the very disadvantaged jobseekers - jobactive wage subsidies* are available for:

  • Youth (15 - 29 years) - Up to $10,000**;
  • Mature aged (over 50) - $10,000;
  • Indigenous, parents returning to work, and long-term unemployed - $6,500.

Help is out there!!!  Sarina Russo Job Access can give the right advice to employers on the eligibility and application process for the Youth Boost Payment, Employment Support Payment and Federal Government Wage Subsidies. 

*Eligibility and conditions must be confirmed by your jobactive provider
** The total value of wage subsidy differs with candidate’s eligibility
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