4 ways to use your job to build your career

4 ways to use your job to build your career

Your first job is an important stepping stone to your future career.

It can help you build the skills and experience you need to progress your career or even get your dream job. There are things you can do to use your current job to build your future career.

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1. Be open about your career goals

Talk to your supervisor about your career goals. Ask about possibilities for advancement, development opportunities or how you can take on tasks that will help you meet your longer term goals.

If your current employer can’t offer you these opportunities right now, think about how the skills and experience you are developing in your current role could be transferable to your next job.

Focus on being good at your current job before trying to ‘climb the ladder’. Future employers are likely to contact your current and previous employers to discuss your work ethic and performance at work.

2. Be proactive

Build up your skills and experience by putting yourself forward for new tasks and responsibilities as they arise, even if they are outside the scope of your job role. Don't think any tasks are 'below' you.

3. Find a mentor

Try to find a mentor who works in your chosen industry. Use them as a sounding board for your career questions and aspirations, but also listen to their advice and learn from their experiences.

4. Keep learning

Consider formal training or further education to build up the skills and knowledge you need to reach your career goals.

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