5 tips for not hiring a jerk

5 tips for not hiring a jerk

You can't come right out and ask a job applicant if they're a jerk. 

But you can do your research and ask the right interview questions to alert your internal jerk-o-metre.

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  1. Check out a candidate’s social media interactions.  How do they respect and interact with others? You’ll be able to determine if they’re a team player or a future disruption to your company culture. 

  2. Ask them “Why did you leave your last job?  Listen for excuses and if the candidate belittles former bosses, work colleagues and clients. 

  3. Ask open-ended questions, beginning with "what", "how", "why", "when", or "where", which allows the candidate the opportunity to do most of the talking and reveal any inner jerk. 

  4. When discussing professional accomplishments, you can determine if a candidate’s on the jerk spectrum if the constantly use the word “I” instead of "we". 

  5. Always finish the interview with “Do you have any questions for me? The red flags should become obvious if their response is totally focused on what the company can do for them over what they can do for the company.
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