9 Ways To Improve Your Work Ethic

9 Ways To Improve Your Work Ethic

Everyone wants to impress the boss and be the best they can possibly be at work, but sometimes you can lose focus and fall behind.

Here are nine ways you can improve your work ethic… and get the boss to notice.

Be Punctual
Sure, the studies may say that being late makes you more optimistic and laid back, but it doesn’t look too good in your boss’ eyes. If you’re arriving late every morning because you slap that snooze button four times, it may be a good sign to get to bed earlier. Arriving at work on time doesn’t just look good to your boss, you’ll be perceived in a more positive light. You don’t have to arrive early, just begin to arrive on time.

Make Work A Priority...At Work
When you’re at work, do your work. Genius, right? Rather than having Facebook open in one tab and your work in the other, delete all distractions from your workstation. Sarina Russo has the perfect advice for those who need to stay focused on the job. “We’re not saying you should bring your work home with you, but if you’re at work, you should stay focused. Save the social scene for Friday drinks, and keep your head focused on the job at hand. Work harder on yourself than on your job - become an above average person. Two people can be selling the same product, but one sells more than the other. Why? Because one has the magic and one does not. The magic is not in the product. It's the magic inside the individual - the passion, the enthusiasm, the above average handshake, the ‘you’re special’ smile and the walk of a millionaire. These small but important attributes give credibility and conviction to your persona and create success. There is nothing that will improve your work ethic like success.” 

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