Accurate James back at work after 200 weeks

Accurate James back at work after 200 weeks

The long search is over for former Sudanese refugee James Oryen.

After nearly 200 weeks of looking for a job, James, of Strathpine, is working for Accurate Tree Services at Brendale.

Need Great Staff

Because English was his second language, James sought help from Sarina Russo Job Access.

Sarina Russo Job Access identified the reasons why James couldn’t get a job. 

James then undertook an internal course, which helped with interview techniques. He attended every appointment and did everything asked of him. In the end, James did not find a job – a job found James.

James has been absolutely wonderful. He is just a lovely, gentle person according to Accurate Tree Services owner Belinda Tryvitt said.

“I write the boys a job sheet every day and he writes back ‘thank you, Belinda, I appreciate this work’.’’

While he was looking for work, James had been studying a diploma of community service, but ran out of money before finishing the course.

“To be honest, it’s not easy looking for a job these days. “And if you don’t know how to do a good resume and stuff like that, you need someone to help you out,” James said.

Sarina Russo’s tips for fast tracking your job search:

  • Tailor your CV for the job you want, not just “any job”. The ideal CV perfectly tailors your achievements, motives, hobbies and interests to fit in with the role.
  • Read the job ad carefully and do some industry homework. Google, read books and talk to people working in the industry – it will give you insight into what the employer wants and will help you explain how your skills meet the employer’s needs in your cover letter and CV.
  • Embrace your life experiences and education. Give examples of how your communication skills, work ethic, ability to work as part of a team and initiative have been enhanced by your volunteer work, part-time jobs or school awards.

* From the How to Get that Job Vault

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