Activity fuels Jade’s take-off

The team at Sarina Russo Job Access are celebrating and want to share the love!

Jade has been with the Prahan team since the office opened on 1 July 2015.

Office Manager David Crichton remembers Jade as an extremely shy person at her initial appointment.

Jade had lost her motivation and was not sure of what her next step was going to be.

Since then she’s transformed into the person in the video - full of energy and excited to go into work with facilities management company ISS.

Jade shared her Dad shed tears of joy when she told him she’d got the job.  This is extra special because her Dad usually doesn’t show emotion.

Employment Consultant, Emma Dawson worked hard with Jade to ensure she remained active which built her motivation to get a job.

David’s extremely proud of how Jade and Emma worked together to build the launch pad for Jade’s career to take-off.

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