Attitude unlocks Sophie’s future

Attitude unlocks Sophie’s future

Accountantnet of Melton employed 19-year-old Sophie Lim as an administrative assistant as part of Sarina Russo Job Access’ 50 Jobs in 50 days campaign. 

Manager Tegan Padley says the key thing she looks for in a potential employee is the right attitude, and she believes Sophie fits the bill. 

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“Skills and processes can be taught on the job, but the right attitude is a wonderful commodity,” Tegan says. 

“We’re very pleased to have Sophie join our team.” 

Sophie says she’d been looking for full-time work since completing year 12 last October. 

“I’ve had some casual work with a local catering company, and as a sandwich hand in a shopping centre, but I was really keen to get a full-time job. 

“Sarina Russo Job Access was my designated employment agency through Centrelink,” she explains. 

“So I was keeping in touch with them on a regular basis. Marlene told me they had an employer who was looking for my skill set, and she helped me with interview techniques and supported me every step of the way. 

“It was my first job interview, so I was a bit nervous. I was very happy to land the job and I’m looking forward to learning everything. 

“Right now, I answer the phone, make appointments for the accountants, do filing tasks and generally help out as needed.” 

Ms Cassar encourages local employers needing staff to contact the agency because there are many experienced and skilful jobseekers looking for an immediate start.

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