Australian employers offer advice to young job seekers

Australian employers offer advice to young job seekers

The Department of Employment recently surveyed more than 3000 Australian employers to find out what advice they would give to young people looking for a job. 

Employers said they look for: 

  • a positive attitude
  • motivation and enthusiasm
  • someone who is prepared to learn and take direction. 

They also said that applicants need to:

  • be punctual and dependable
  • be respectful to colleagues and customers
  • show a commitment to staying in the job for an acceptable period of time. 

Employers said that a job seeker's personal presentation is very important. They expected job seekers to:

  • wear appropriate clothing
  • keep their hair tidy
  • limit or cover up tattoos, piercings and jewellery. 

Employers also mentioned that some young people have unrealistic expectations of work, including:

  • being unprepared for the demands of the workplace
  • the level of pay they would receive
  • wanting to start at the top instead of working their way up. 

Employers said that getting work experience or volunteering was a good way to prepare for work as it:

  • helps you to learn about the workplace
  • enables you to get practical skills
  • demonstrates a commitment to work. 

Many employers also mentioned the importance of good job search skills. You should:

  • tailor your application to the specific job
  • ensure your applications and résumé are error-free
  • approach employers directly and personally follow-up on your application
  • demonstrate an understanding of the industry
  • communicate well and be genuinely interested in the job.

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