Bedhia’s an absolute Angel

Bedhia’s an absolute Angel

"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile"

The job seekers feedback suggests Sarina Russo Job Access Coburg, Manager, Bedhai Yagiz is living and breathing this wonderful quote.

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Ruby says 

The service we were provided from your Kensington office was life changing. We were homeless - my partner and I with a baby only 2 months from coming into this world. 

Your Kensington office manager Bedia got us a house and helped us with our struggles. She is a God sent. I'm still travelling from Broadmeadows to Kensington to personally see her and now I can work on getting employment. Me and my partner are blessed to have your services and Bedia is an absolute angel.

Shauna says

I wanted to let you know in case you don't know how amazing Bedhia is. She is the most impressive person I have met in a long time. The moment I walked in with my little poodle in a bag she made me feel so welcome. And she was so stylish - it made me want to put some heels on! 

They let me sit at the round table near the front desk and use the wifi. I listened to Bedhia handling some of the most difficult and negative people. She has the rare art of resilience and the ability to turn a bad situation into a good one. Amazing!!! Please take good care of her, she's a special one.

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