Broaden your workplace talent pool

Broaden your workplace talent pool

When you employ someone, the main priority is to have the right person for the job. 

It’s so important to have an open mind and consider the advantages of employing a person with a disability in your business. 

Just like all employees, people with disability bring a range of skills and abilities to the workplace but they can also strengthen your business through a more diverse, inclusive and stable workforce. 

On average, employing people with disability does not cost any more than employing people without disability. 

For an employer, there are many benefits to employing people with disability.  People with a disability:

  • Are loyal, reliable, and hardworking;
  • Have a lower rates of absenteeism;
  • Have long tenures which saves recruitment and training costs;
  • Have a positive effect on productivity and team morale.
  • Enhance customer service by knowing how to communicate with customers with disability; and
  • Attract a broader talent pool of potential employees. 

How to recruit a person with a disability

Sarina Russo Job Access specialised Disability Employment Team offers employers the support required to employ a person with a disability including:

  • Professional recruitment advice
  • Help with job design
  • Develop job descriptions
  • Training and awareness-raising activities for employers, managers and co-workers
  • On the job training and support for employees with disability
  • Ongoing support in the workplace
  • Assistance with the cost of making workplace adjustments is available through the Australian Government funded Employment Assistance Fund. 

Available financial assistance

  • Wage subsidies of $6,500 - helps cover the costs of paying wages in the first few months of employing a person with disability for eligible employers
  • The Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support Program—payments made to employers who employ apprentices with disabilities.
  • The Employment Assistance Fund—reimburses employers for the cost of work-related modifications and services required for employing people with disability e.g. modifications to the physical work environment or work vehicles, AUSLAN interpreting, disability awareness training and communication devices. 

Core to Sarina Russo Job Access’s strategy to get people with disability a job is to treats every client as an individual and explores how previous work experience and skills can be developed for areas of local employment demand.

We’ll then highlight the individual’s talents and skills to local employers and if an opportunity turns into a job offer we’ll offer mentoring and post-placement support to both parties to ensure candidates are productive from day one and have workplace longevity.

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