Brodee’s Walking on Sunshine

Brodee’s Walking on Sunshine

Brodee walked into our Sunshine office slightly late for his first appointment.

His employment consultant Jaclyn asked him to jump onto a computer to view available local jobs.  While he logged on Jaclyn asked what kind of work he wanted.

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Brodee answered “Anything! I’ve done a bit of labouring before”. 

Jaclyn then introduced Brodee to her colleague Caitlin and asked if she could call a great local employer who had given a recent candidate 'a go'. 

Caitlin hit the phone and organised an interview for Brodee within the hour. Later in the day young Brodee returned to the office looking very despondent saying he did not get the position - only to shout out seconds later that 'he got the job' and was starting the next week. 

Jacylyn fitted him out with some new work safety gear in hand and smile on his face was enormous.

Brodee could not stop thanking the team for their quick action.  He never thought he’d have a job so quickly. 

Big congratulations to Brodee and the Sarina Russo Job Access Sunshine Team

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