Celebration then career elevation

School Leavers

After graduation celebrations 2015 school leavers are encouraged to build the foundations for career elevation according to Sarina Russo, Managing Director, Sarina Russo Job Access.

Ms Russo said with the vast majority of school leavers not going on to university, there are a lot of young people who need to make some important decisions,” she said.

“There are so many options available for school leavers to consider – upgrade their OP score, undertake vocational education, start an apprenticeship, learn and earn or enter the workforce on a full-time basis.

“It’s important, for those entering the job’s market to match a their skills and personality to the right job.

“Many will need help to build their confidence, identify their skill sets and communicate their job readiness to employers.

“That’s why Sarina Russo Job Access has developed a positive 5-step job plan to help school leavers build a good foundation for the employment market.

  1. Determine your top 3 job choices?
  2. Identify your point of difference. What’s different about you?
  3. Check out potential employers.  What do they look for in an employee?
  4. Present yourself. It’s all about image.  Look and feel like you are the one.
  5. GO FOR IT!

“Anything of value does not come easily.  The rewards will come if school leavers put in the extra effort to build their career foundations by doing their research and marketing themselves to the right potential employers, Ms Russo said.

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