Damaging stereotypes simply not true

Damaging stereotypes simply not true

Stereotypes preventing people over 50 getting work are simply unfounded, Sarina Russo Job Access chief executive Dianne Fletcher says.

A report by the Human Rights Commission surveyed business decision makers about older employees and reveled some concerning results.

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About one quarter agreed that older employees would not be in the role as long as younger employees and that it was difficult to teach older workers new things.

A similar proportion of participants agreed they did not expect older employees to have the same technical skills as younger employees and 29% believed older employees found it hard to adapt to change.

Ms Fletcher said these negative stereotypes were not based on facts or research but often one bad experience with one person.

She said older workers wanting to show they could work with all age groups should highlight examples of them being a team player, flexible and adaptive.

"Have something in your resume about being open to new ideas and feedback.  In your interview, it's about saying work environment and culture (is more important than) who the supervisor is" she said.

* Queensland Times, Page 3, 3rd June 2017


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