Dressing for Success since 1984

Dressing for Success since 1984
Carolyn Thompson (Sarina Russo Job Access), Marie Barrett and Craig Morrison (Sarina Russo Job Access)

Carolyn and Craig from Sarina Russo Job Access Nambour got a blast from the past when Marie Barrett walked into the office 

Marie wanted to share her story and explain how Sarina changed her life. 

She attended ‘The Office Business Academy’ in 1984 at George Street studying Computer Bookkeeping. 

Her story begins with her difficulty in walking from Central Station to George Street due to rheumatoid arthritis. 

Marie would wear flat shoes due to the pain but before she entered ‘The Office’ she would change into high heels - 'Dressing for Success' she called it. 

She credits Sarina with teaching her about goal settings and state of mind. 

Marie practised what Sarina taught and set her goal of purchasing a computerised sewing machine within 12 months - she achieved it in nine. 

She shared she is now free of rheumatoid arthritis and attributes this feat to learning to think differently which started with Sarina. 

Marie had nothing but praise for all Sarina and ‘The Office Business Academy’ has done for her.

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