Fraser Coast Chronicle's - Jobseeker of the week

Fraser Coast Chronicle's - Jobseeker of the week

EQUIPPED with a bright smile and a bubbly personality, Melissa Grenenger's dream job is to drive "big trucks in the mine".

The Hervey Bay jobseeker has recently gained a Certificate III in Driving Operations and gained a HR Licence in a bid to get closer to that goal.

At 46-years-old, she has had decades of working through a variety of industries.

Previously, she worked in hospitality on Fraser Island.

"I moved back to Hervey Bay to be closer to family," Ms Grenenger said.

"I was working in housekeeping at hotels on Fraser Island for about two years.

"And prior to that, I was in New South Wales."

There, she was a quality controller and a major part of that was operating machinery like forklifts.

"In the past I've worked in shopkeeping, retail, on charter boats, takeaway shops and have done work on farms," she said.

"Usually I stay in a job for a fair while."

Now considered a mature-aged jobseeker, she has been regularly applying for positions in mines.

"I've done a lot of different things, and now it is a certain type of job that I am after," she said.

"I really want to be driving big trucks in the mine."

by , Journalist Fraser Coast Chronicle

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