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Today I'm connecting with you to review and reflect as a Leader our obligations to make a difference in our community and our beautiful county! 

We have different levels of passion but as I sit here at Pia Lane's hairdresser in Brisbane I am blown away by hairdresser Anthony who ten years ago needed the stability of a career and future! 

Today I watch his artistic and creative ability in style and listen to his powerful language: Let alone his fitness capacity and his dream to run a marathon in New York! 

Had not Pia taken a risk tocreate greatness within her own salon and employed Anthony as an apprentice - she would never have enjoyed the stability and increasing flow of clients who are dedicated to Anthony's talents! 

So the moral of the story is contact Sarina Russo Job Access and meet one of our Indigenous candidates.  Young or mature they'll inspire your Group to build on greatness! 

Indigenous employment is our passion & mission to make the world a better place - one job at a time! 

Enjoy Anthony's video on his journey to the top! 

Make a difference! Employ an Indigenous Australian at 

Sarina Russo

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