Get Great Staff in Gympie

Get Great Staff in Gympie

The ‘Get Great Staff’ campaign aims to educate local Gympie employers about a huge pool of ‘untapped employee potential’ who are available and ready to work. 

Ms Danielle List Manager Sarina Russo Job Access Gympie said the ‘employee potential’ amongst the mature aged, the young, Indigenous Australians, parents returning to work and people with a disability is a well and truly untapped resource.  

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“The bonus is the majority of these potential employees come with either a State or Federal Government financial incentive. 

 “I’m constantly surprised on employer visits how many are unaware of available incentives.  They end up missing out on tens of thousands of dollars because they didn’t know a staff member they’ve already hired wage was eligible for a wage subsidy. But they didn’t know!!! 

“Gone are the days of incentives being reserved for only the most disadvantaged jobseekers. Today, jobactive candidates over the age of 50 are eligible for $10,000, jobactive candidates between 15 years of age and 29 years of age (inclusive) are eligible for $6,500 while Indigenous jobactive candidates, parents returning to work, and longer-term unemployed jobactive candidates are eligible for $6,500*. 

“Hiring two over 50s jobseekers has the potential for the business to receive $20,000 in incentives which goes a long way to offset the cost of employing, supporting and training a new staff member. 

“Gympie employers should also be aware of their potential eligibility for the Queensland State Government’s $20,000 Youth Boost initiative if they hire an unemployed young person (aged 15-24). 

“Other jobactive employment services Gympie employers should make the most of to get the right staff include: 

  • Pre-Screen and Job Match Candidates – Employers individual skill shortage needs can be scoped with only candidates with the right fit sent on for interview 
  • Pre-Employment Training – Potential staff can be upskilled to build workplace productivity from day one. 
  • Mentor and Post-Placement Support - Employer and new staff member get extra support to ensure candidates are productive and stay in work. 

“Help is out there!!! You just need to know who to ask!!! That’s why Sarina Russo Job Access is running the Get Great Staff campaign in Gympie over the next five weeks,” Ms List said. 

For more information call 5489 4200 or leaves your job vacancies online at

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