Get that Job – Display the right character traits

Get that Job – Display the right character traits

More and more employers are basing interview questions around character traits to get the right person for their job. 

The key character traits employers look for are honesty, initiative, flexibility, dependability, punctuality, patience and discretion.  

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Each character trait comes with its own specific questions. 

Honesty - What is the last thing of value you found? ... Where? ... What did you do with it? 

Initiative - You’re first to arrive at work but don't have any assigned tasks. What do you do? 

Flexibility - When was the last time you worked outside your comfort zone? How did you cope? 

Dependability - How many scheduled days did you miss during the last three months of your previous job? 

Punctuality - Are there any barriers to stop you from getting to work on time, every day, week after week? 

Patience - How would you cope if you had to show a new employee how to do something four times? 

Discretion - What would you do if you found out a fellow employee makes more money than you? Who would you tell? 

Being able to demonstrate these characteristics in a job interview will go a long way in getting the job.

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