Great personality gets job after 298 weeks

Great personality gets job after 298 weeks
Dressed in his new Toyota Uniform Anthony is congratulated by Maryborough Employment Consultant Zac Phillips on his new job.

Anthony’s strength is his wonderful outgoing personality but his difficulty was keeping a job.  He applied for labouring job after labouring job and would breeze through the interview, get a work trial but fail to get the job. 

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His Employment Consultant, Zac Phillips believed he wasn’t passionate enough about construction and started to look for auto-motive industry opportunities when he found out Anthony’s dream job was to become a mechanic.   

Zac approached Wide Bay Motor Group and with the help of a Wage Subsidy created a position for Anthony as a Car Detailer and courtesy driver. 

At the job interview, David commented on how well presented and well-spoken Anthony was and he couldn’t believe he was unemployed. Anthony told David if he was employed he work there forever to which David replied ‘the last detailer is now an apprentice mechanic’. 

When Anthony came into Sarina Russo Job Access to drop off his pay slips he shared how he loves his job and wakes up every day and yells wooohooo!  David’s also been in contact saying a number of customers have gone out of their way to give him positive feedback about Anthony. 

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