Hope reigns after outreach fundraiser

Danielle Candrick, Work for the Dole manager at Sarina Russo
Danielle Candrick, PCYC manager Lance Chaloner, Julie Abigail, Jamie Powell, and Terry Stubbs at the PCYC Festival of Hope in Shalvey. Picture: Helen Nezdropa

Youth Club hosted its first Festival of Hope on Saturday. The event aimed to raise funds for a new outreach program being launched this year. PCYC manager Lance Chaloner said the funds will also be spent on other ‘‘vital services’’.

Danielle Candrick, Work for the Dole manager at Sarina Russo, donated $2000 on behalf of the Mount Druitt branch.

‘‘We’re going to centralise an area at the PCYC complex and continue to supply vital services to youth and families in the community,’’ he said. ‘‘We want to encourage sustainable and maintainable complete family activity by engaging the entire family unit; this in turn will assist in building strong relationships between parents and children.’’

He said in some instances, he had seen absolutely no social interaction between children and parents. ‘‘The aim of the service is to create a relationship so they see and find common respect between one another,’’ he said.

‘‘We’re also having consultation in education, leadership, apprenticeship, employment, mental health, domestic violence, child abuse and to a lesser degree— we’ll also give assistance and guidance to people with alcohol and drug abuse [problems] to gain a clearer direction.

‘‘At the end of the day, undesirable elements like drugs and abuse are increasing and all of these things are working against us.’’ Mr Chaloner said the project would expose and identify clearly what PCYCs do. ‘‘We try our hardest in assisting youth to find pathways to a better life and keep them safe — that’s what motivates me everyday,’’ he said.

The event included free entertainment and activities. ‘‘We appreciated everyone’s help and commitment on the day,’’ Mr Chaloner said. ‘‘To achieve our goals is comforting. We know we are taking one step at a time.’’

Source: St Marys Star, Sydney (10 Nov 2015)

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