How Can You Avoid A Burnout?

How Can You Avoid A Burnout?

Ally Feiam,, interviews Sarina and other wellness career experts on Ways you can avoid a burnout

Sarina - When you're working under a lot of pressure you need to learn to read your body for signs of stress and develop techniques to calm you down when you to begin to feel them. I have three techniques which serve me well. Listening to my breathing. If it is shallow and rapid, which is a sure sign of acute stress, I will start taking a few slow, deep breaths all the while telling myself to relax. The act of taking those slow, deep breath has a soothing effect and gives you inner focus. It’s what elite athletes do before launching into a race - they're getting an inner focus and marshaling their strength. Walking is the other technique. It’s not only good exercise, it’s good for the physiology of the body, cheers you up and relaxes you? Watching my diet is another important part of staying strong. Don't overeat and don't starve yourself. Avoid junk food. Tune your body with a diet that is high in vegetables, fruits, grains and lean protein.

My days are often long and hectic, dealing with people at all levels inside and outside my business. I need to have a lot of nervous energy to keep going. I love my life, so it's easy to overdo things. But, again by listening to my body, I know when I have to recharge my batteries. When I get that feeling, I'll work my schedule so I can take a morning off to sleep in, get a couple of hours extra sleep. Then I'll have a massage, listen to music, read something interesting, make a few phone calls to friends, maybe go out to lunch with someone who is amusing, relaxing company and check by the office in the early afternoon. I do these things because it is important to have balance in your life. You must have a life away from work, otherwise, you will burn out.

When you are buried neck deep in a business, glued to a fixed routine, it's virtually impossible to step back and take an objective view. So I take a sabbatical every year and come back refreshed and empowered by new knowledge and the wider vision I have acquired. For your own good, for the good of your business, it's just as important to know when to let go as it is to know when to hold on. If you think your business will fail unless you are there at all times, you haven't created a business, you have built yourself a prison.

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