‘How to Get that Job’ Day (17 September) – 38 years in the making

‘How to Get that Job’ Day – 38 years in the making

To celebrate Sarina Russo’s 38th year in the education, training and recruitment business the 17 September 2017 has become ‘How to Get that Job’ Day. 

In 1979, Sarina, a fired legal secretary, combined inspiration and desperation to open a small typing school with just nine students.  She promised them all jobs and she delivered. 

To celebrate ‘How to Get that Job’ Day, Sarina Russo jobseekers will all receive a ‘How to Get that Job’ e-book containing 38 strategies on How to Get that Job, Keep that Job and Thrive in that Job. 

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Employers will also receive a ‘How to Get Great Staff’ e-book to find the right staff, inspire current staff and grow their business. 

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Sarina said there is a diamond in all of us.  “For 38 years my job has been to find that diamond, because everyone deserves dignity, everyone deserves a job, and everyone deserves self-esteem and self-respect that comes with a job. 

Sarina said when she first started her business in 1979 all she wanted to do was secure her own job. 

“I always had a talent for getting jobs – keeping them was my problem. Today the Sarina Russo Group is a global business involved in higher education and job creation, we also have investment companies, we do apprenticeships and we are all about inspiring people to aspire to greatness. 

“38 years ago I took a leap of faith because if I didn’t I’d never have known my true ability.  I encourage anybody who has a dream or an idea to execute . . . start today and . . . do it with passion. 

“The definition of passion is not when things are going right, but when things aren’t going right. It’s in these moments you need to keep pushing forward towards your dream. 

“When you study success and failure, you’ll see successful people are passionate, make decisions and accept the consequences of those decisions. The not so successful are ‘someday’ people - I’ll start a business someday, I’ll buy a house someday . . . they never execute. 

“So to transform from a ‘someday’ person to a person of success don’t wish for more of the same. You must wish for something different because if you think the unforeseeable won’t happen to you - believe me, it will.  

“It’s how you embrace the uncertainty of disruption which governs your future. You must be ready for anything. You may not like it.  It may be painful but from pain can come incredible joy and fulfilment. 

“Disrupting yourself forces you to harvest new ideas and opportunities and elevate your thinking as you prepare for the unknown.  

“My advice on ‘How to Get that Job’ day is: 

  1. Disrupt yourself before somebody else disrupts you;
  2. Self-belief allows you to tap into your full potential. Think of greatness you can create by just giving it a go; and
  3. Make a decision, accept it, accept the worst case scenario because ultimately the good will take care of itself. 

“When I started my business, I could not imagine that 38 years later we’d have empowered over 650,000 students, apprentices, job seekers and their employers. 

“It is just so exciting to come to work each and every day. There is nothing greater than enhancing people’s lives because as you enhance their lives you enhance your own. I love it.  Go for it and live life with passion!” Sarina Russo said.

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