How to hire the best school leavers

How to hire the best school leavers

Employers can implement a few simple strategies to ensure they employ the best of the class of 2016.

With so much recruitment advice for school leavers, employers need some tips on how to recruit school leavers.

To hire the best of the ‘Class of 2016’ employers need to follow a list of recruitment strategies.

At the application stage employers should look for:

  • Consistent grades show an ability to apply themselves to a task
  • Extracurricular activities show an ability to prioritise and multi-task
  • Sport or team-based activities show good discipline, focus and teamwork
  • Part-time work or work experience shows initiative, work ethic and customer service skills
  • Pre-vocational training shows planning and forward thinking
  • Voluntary work shows a preparedness to give some-thing back

At the interview stage employers should look for:

  • Presentation – neatly attired, polite and on time for the interview
  • Well-prepared – has researched your business and understands your needs
  • Plans – they know what they want and how your job can kick-start their career.

By following these simple recruitment strategies employers have an opportunity to employ school leavers with a ‘‘can do’’ personality, a ‘‘will do’’ attitude and ‘‘will fit’’ into their company culture.

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