I know what I want to do, how do I make it happen?

I know what I want to do, how do I make it happen?

Most occupations will require you to do some further study once you have finished school. Some occupations require a university qualification, some require vocational education and training (VET) qualifications studied either as stand-alone qualifications or through an apprenticeship or traineeship, while others may just require a ticket or licence.

You may even be able to do a combined pathway where you start with a VET qualification (maybe a school-based apprenticeship) or bridging course before moving on to a university qualification.

For most occupations there are many pathways that you can choose from, so it is important to consider what pathways are preferred by the employer or industry that you are interested in what works best for you.

Just getting a qualification won’t guarantee you a job.

When considering further studies, including where to study, it’s important to investigate, question and compare courses and education providers and the impact they will have on your competitiveness for jobs. It's okay to ask the training provider about the employment outcomes from your chosen course. See our article It's not just about having qualifications... for more information.

Don’t forget to consider the different types of work experience in your pathway plans.

Source:  https://jobjumpstart.employment.gov.au/

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