Indigenous Partnership works for Officeworks

Indigenous Partnership works for Officeworks
Sunshine Manager Cherine Exadactylos with Indigenous success stories Tammy and Tiffany and Indigenous Coordinator Daliah Parker

Earlier this year AFL SportsReady, Sarina Russo Job Access and Officeworks teamed-up to provide some amazing opportunities for our Indigenous candidates. 

Two of our amazing success stories are Tiffany and Tammy. 

After a few months of applications and modules, they started work at Officeworks and three months down the track visited Sarina Russo Job Access Sunshine to share how they're both loving their jobs. 

Tiffany was always keen to get work, however finding something close to public transport and not involving manual labour was difficult. Sunshine's Manger Cherine helped her interact with people, give her self-belief and improved her workplace communication skills. Tiffany's gone from strength to strength.    

Tammy also had a strong desire to find work within the retail industry but with little to no experience and low self-belief she thought it was an impossible dream. Tammy was referred to our VOICE psychologist Jess and assisted with driving lessons. Then she got a two week work experience stint at the local Woolworths . . . Tammy was over the moon. Tammy was then referred to a Certificate III in Retail as a part of her Work for the Dole activity. During her Certificate she was referred to an Officeworks vacancy and couldn’t contain her excitement when she got her first job in over 10 years. 

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Cherine for helping me to find my new job. Cherine has been so supportive - she believed in me, she is so friendly and easy to talk to. We set a goal to get a job in a specific time frame and we achieved it. 

Both ladies are great examples of how activity, engagement and mentorship from Indigenous Coordinator, Daliah Parker and the professional psychologist from VOICE team can make such a positive difference. 

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