Is your CV giving off that vintage vibe?

Is your CV giving off that vintage vibe?

Create a ‘CV for today’ to extend beyond the borders of a single paper document and into the online world of social media.

 Become jobactive Today!

  1. Look and feel

    The majority of CV’s are read online so use Sans serif fonts, such as Calibri or Verdana, which are more easily read on a screen. 
  2. Ditch your physical address

    Under your name, list your mobile, e-mail and LinkedIn address.  Avoid labelling them “mobile”, “e-mail.”, “LinkedIn”.  
  3. Personalisation

    Create a master CV and personalize it for each job opportunity.  
  4. Showcase why you’re the best

    Use a five to seven word headline followed by a three line snapshot of how you can increase revenue, decrease costs and improve productivity?  Avoid Cliches - ‘Motivated, Proven Track Record, Results-Oriented, and Team Player’ as they are unimaginative, meaningless and over used.
  5. Measured results

    Demonstrate you claims with career accomplishments with measured results. These five steps will transform your CV and put you in the ‘who’s hot’ instead of the ‘who’s not’ category.
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