Job hunting - Think like an Olympian

Job hunting - Think like an Olympian

Any Olympic athlete knows you need a champion mindset to succeed.  This also applies to job seeking. 

But, how do you do this? 

Sarina Russo has five tips to stay in front in a competitive job market and ensure you win your jobs race. 

The importance of preparation and training.

Preparation is crucial. Do your research. Set aside time each day to write impactful cover letters, hone your interview technique and be able to express why you are the best fit for the employer.

Create a champion mindset.

It’s all about discipline. Think about what is possible, not impossible.

Channel anxiety.

It is normal to feel nervous, it increases chances of success. Tackle your fear, take a few deep breaths and focus on your goal.

Create finish lines, not deadlines.

Use optimistic language and your job search will be a more rewarding experience.

Keep score.

By reviewing your progress you’ll learn where you stand and, what you need to improve. Effective job seekers give it everything they have.

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