Long road back for mechanic after rail accident

Luke's long road back for mechanic after rail accident
Luke's long road back for mechanic after rail accident

After more than two years out of the workforce following a horrific accident, Luke Roxburgh is on the way to landing his dream job.

The 26-year-old was offered the chance to complete his Automotive Mechanic (Light Vehicle) apprenticeship nine years after he first started it.

Two years into his first apprenticeship, Luke was hit by a train.

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Despite multiple muscle, skin and bone grafts, his right arm and both his legs still cause him problems.

After the accident Luke worked as a forklift driver but after losing his licence two years ago he had trouble finding work.

The determined Thornlands resident decided to go back to what he loved—fixing cars.

“I wanted something more meaningful, not just an everyday job,” he said. “Cars are the only thing I love doing. I started the apprenticeship back when I was 17, so I thought I would finish it.”

With the help of Sarina Russo Apprenticeships and Connect 2 Employment, Luke started two weeks’ work experience with Absolute Car Care at East Brisbane.

Owners Michael and Steve Georgas were so impressed with Luke’s work ethic and positive attitude they offered him an apprenticeship.

“The main thing is that he’s got a really good, positive attitude. Nothing’s too hard for him,” Michael said.

“He’s willing to learn and have an open mind, which is key because the cars we work with are changing all the time and so rapidly.”

Michael said he and the staff tried to support Luke anyway they could, working with his strengths and even offering a stool for him so he could take some pressure off his legs.

 And while adjusting to full-time employment was difficult, Luke is determined to see the apprenticeship through this time.

“I’m really enjoying the work. I love doing it,” he said.

“My only problems are my injuries. “I can do all the work, but when I get home and in the mornings it’s very painful.”

However he said his employers were very accommodating and understood his needs.

“They have been doing everything they can to support me.

“They don’t push me as hard as the other guys and if they see me sitting down, they know I’m in a bit of pain so they understand," Luke said.

* From the Sarina Russo 'How to get that Job' archive.

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