Mary-Rose stitches up new nursing career

Mary-Rose stitches up new nursing career

Mary-Rose’s life changed when Sarina Russo Job Access Beenleigh set her on a new career path. 

Mary-Rose shares her job seeker journey after completing a back-to-work course with Sarina Russo Job Access.

“I have been a cleaner for the last 10 years and I was fed up with it and wanted to change my career.

During my time in the course, I met someone from the Royal College of Healthcare and by that afternoon, I was enrolled in a Certificate 3 in Aged Care.

I did struggle with the theory side of the course, however I persisted and I completed the theory prior to many of the other students.

After completing my time in the class room, I commenced work placement with Bethania Gardens.

On my 2nd day of work placement, I was offered ongoing employment.

I love my career change and feel good when my clients call me ‘Nurse Mary’.

I am grateful for all of the support that I have received from Sarina Russo Job Access and The Royal College of Healthcare.

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