Mental Health Youth Trial makes 'massive' difference

Sarina Russo Job Access, DES Team Leader Monique with Hayden and Emily J

A 10 month Mental Health Youth Trial for under 24s in Maroondah, Victoria is a great success.


The program is designed to reduce the risk of young people disengaging from education or employment and becoming reliant on income support.


Sarina Russo Job Access’ Disability Employment Services (DES) has four participants - Hayden, Emily J, Michael & Emily T.


They are all involved in monthly group sessions with Simon Mamone (VOICE Operations Manager) and have access to an additional $5000 funding under the Australian Government's Youth Employment Strategy.


Simon said the noticeable change in their physical appearance, mental health, and attitude from the start of the program to know has been massive


Monique Carter, Sarina Russo Job Access, DES Team Leader, is so proud of what the Group has achieved on a personal and professional basis.


Hayden(pictured on left) - has joined a basketball team which gets him out and about in the community and conquers his anxiety.  He has been assisted with new glasses and a learner driver book - so he can get his leaners permit.  Hayden is now excited about looking for a job because he feels so much more confident.


Emily J - (pictured on right) - travels daily from Warburton to the City, to study her Certificate III in Hairdressing. She was assisted with the purchase of her mannequins and hairdressing kit. Her regular counselling sessions has allowed her to come out of her shell. She’s looking forward to finishing her course and starting a Diploma of Specialised Makeup. Her portfolio is absolutely amazing!!! Emily is a serious talent, and with the help of this trial - she can now study what she loves.


Michael- has been working for 4 weeks. With the additional funding, Michael has a forklift license, new glasses so he can renew his license and we’re looking at strategies to help him save money to buy a car.


Emily T - the additional funding has paid for single therapy sessions to further help her overcome her current mental health condition. 


Sarina Russo Job Access is hopeful, after Departmental evaluation, this program will be introduced across Australia as part of the new DES contract in 2018.

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