Mohamed’s prophesy comes true

Mohamed’s prophesy comes true

In 2015, Mohamed recommenced his carpentry apprenticeship and told Sarina Russo Apprenticeship Industry Consultant Tracey Louise Mowat that he was going to own his own business one day! 

Mohamed’s confidence and sheer determination impressed Tracey particularly when employment arrangement didn’t work out and Mohamed had to change employers to complete his apprenticeship. 

Build your own workforce - Hire an apprentice

Tracey knew Mohamed had something special and stayed in contact and called him to congratulate him on completing his apprenticeship in August 2017.  Tracey was not surprised when Mohamed said he was going to start his own business and would give her a call when he could take-on an apprentice. 

It took Mohamed only two months to make that call to Tracey for an apprentice.  What surprised Tracey is that Mohamed requested and Tracey was so excited to go on-site and help him complete all the relevant paperwork 

The Apprentice is now the BOSS MAN.  Tracey knows he’ll be as great BOSS because he understands the challenges apprentices face and he’s also got a wonderful sounding board in Tracey when challenges arise!

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