My name is Marc - This is my story

My name is Marc - This is my story

I used to have it all, the home, the fiancé, a good honest life. Hard working while renovating our home.

Things changed very quickly after 2010. My fiancé introduced me to the drug scene. Popping pills, smoking ice and before I knew it I was hooked on this evil drug and the mistakes that I would learn from way later followed. 

I was in hell and didn't even know it. My head was not here on earth, oblivious to reality.  5 years went by and I was literally a human dart board. Was being taken advantage from everyone including a cheating fiancé.  We ended up breaking up but I refused to let go for a very long time. 

This would take me on a journey of false hope. I was trapped in a world of pain and mistrust.  So caught up on trying to get back what I once had but not realizing what I was losing in the process.

No job, no money and no company other than when I had drugs on me.

I had lost everything. My life was upside down, numerous suicide attempts and a life with no money and nothing I thought at the time to live for. In 2015, I was still in contact with my ex, living in a halfway house full of drug addicts. It was one weekend I was at my ex's place and her dealer did not like the fact that I still had care for her. He ended up belting me black and blue.

For some strange reason this woke me up from hell. I had come to realise the people around me where not who I thought they were.

I knew I needed to get away from it all and clean myself up.

From there I got myself a job through the Sarina Russo office in Footscray. 

They found me employment very quickly and with my determination and drive from being in a hole from hell I took the opportunity like it was the last job on earth. 

Six months on I have bought myself a car, in my own house and now have my 17 year old son living with me. I also managed to save up and reward myself with an 8 night trip to Bali, surfing and lifestyle. 

The moral to all this is, it’s a beautiful life and if you put your mind to it anything is possible. To the staff at Sarina Russo Footscray, I can't thank you guys enough for sticking by me and help me realize my worth. You guys are amazing!  Thank you kindly.


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