Need a job in construction? – the jobactive facts

Need a job in construction? – the jobactive facts

Construction is the third largest industry in Australia, employing more than one million workers or 9% of national employment. 

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Employment increased by 46,700 (or 4.7%) over the five years to November 2015. 

Stronger growth is projected over the five years to November 2020 (up by 8.3% or 87,000), with the vast majority of new jobs expected in Construction Services (65,500). 

More than half of the workers in this industry are Technicians and Trades Workers. 

Vocational education and training (VET) sector is a key supplier of skills. 

Around 52% of workers hold a Certificate III or higher VET qualification and 54,000 young workers are employed as an apprentice or trainee. 

Although the industry employs Professionals such as Civil Engineering Professionals and Architects, just 9% of workers hold a bachelor degree or higher qualification. 

The Construction industry is characterised by male, full-time employment, with females having a low share of jobs (11% compared with 46% across all industries). 

Around 35% of the workforce is aged 45 years and over. 

Source – Australian Jobs 2016 p.16

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