No shock - Jeanette’s ‘buzz’ pays off six years later

No shock - Jeanette’s ‘buzz’ pays off six years later

Apprenticeship Support Officer, Jeanette Rudolph visited a group of electrical apprentices for a monitoring visit. 

One of the apprentices, Jason Kennedy, was deemed as not eligible for apprenticeship incentives due to a previous qualification.

Jeanette went above and beyond and looked into Jason’s record and was able to have his contract re-assessed giving Jason incentive payment eligibility. 

Hire an apprentice or trainee

The last conversation Jeanette had with Jason was he was moving into an apartment at South Bank and wanting to become his own boss.

Fast forward six years and Jeanette took a phone call from Jason. 

He told Jeanette that she looked after him so well during his apprenticeship that he wanted her to come out and sign up his new apprentice. 


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