Occupations can be in many different industries

Occupations can be in many different industries

‘Occupation’ is a word that refers to the type of work a person does, for example, a doctor, teacher or cabinet maker. ‘Industry’ refers to the main goods and services that are produced by a person’s employer.

Most occupations can be found in a number of industries, although they will generally be found more in some industries than others.

For example, while many cooks are employed in the Accommodation and Food Services industry, cooks can also be found in environments that are within a number of other industries, such as in hospitals, school canteens, child care centres, aged care facilities, as well as in businesses that develop and test new food products.

Although you may have a particular occupation in mind and picture yourself working in a specific role, this occupation can often lead you to a range of different work environments and industries.

By understanding how flexible an occupation can be, you can broaden your options and increase your chances of finding the right career pathway for you.

Source:  https://jobjumpstart.employment.gov.au/

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