Opportunity - the gift that keeps on giving . . .

From left: Estimator Daniel Jeves, Sarina Russo Job Access JPO Greg White, New Employee Scott Davis-Byrnes and Office Manager Amber Causer

Twelve years ago, an unemployed Amber Causer saw Sarina Russo’s television show How to Get that Job.


Amber (pictured far right) took Sarina’s advice ‘Why Not You? Why Not Know?' and signed up with Sarina Russo Job Access. The team assisted Amber with fuel vouchers, interview clothing and referred her to Holland Plastics on the Gold Coast for an entry level office vacancy.


Amber got the job!


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In 2006, Estimator Daniel Jeves (pictured left), also headed into Sarina Russo to find a job. The team helped him with interview clothing and taxi vouchers for a factory worker vacancy.


Daniel said he was only on Sarina Russo’s books for a week before he was working - ‘I couldn’t believe it’.


Fast forward to 2016 and Amber is now Holland Plastics Gold Coast, Office Manager and Daniel is the company’s Estimator.


As Office Manager, Amber was asked to find suitable employees for Holland Plastics.  She paid $300 to a well-known internet site but the results were extremely disappointing.


“It was not a  great experience, we had people not answer their phones, grunt at me or not even turn up at all,” Amber said.


Amber then reconnected with Sarina Russo Job Access and spoke to Job Placement Officer Greg White to find that factory worker. 


“I had Scott’s resume’s that day, interviewed him the next and Scott started work the following day.


“I’m grateful for Sarina Russo Job Access’ assistance today and all those years ago when I got my job,” Amber said.

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