Sarina celebrates 37 years of business in New York

Sarina celebrates 37 years of business in New York

The Brisbane jobs queen has jetted over to the Big Apple to attend the last annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, which plays out over three days starting Monday. 

Plenty of heavyweights will be at the lectern, including former president Bill Clinton, actor Ben Affleck and ex-soccer player Abby Wambach. 

Russo has rocked up religiously over the past nine years but the Clintons are ending the ritual get together as part of some housekeeping tied to Hillary’s problem-plagued tilt for the White House. 

Russo, of course, remains enamoured of Bill after their paths crossed during his  halcyon days on the world stage in the 1990s. 

Indeed, chat with her for more than five minutes and you’re virtually guaranteed to get a name drop thrown in to the conversation, whether it’s Clinton or her mates Tony and Cherie Blair. 

Anyway, Russo arrived early to take advantage of New York’s much-much vaunted Fashion Week and she has taken to Instagram with a passion to document her adventures. 

There are happy snaps of her with Ivana Trump, one of Donald Trump’s former wives, as well as legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who is flogging a new book, No Dream Is Too High. 

Sporting a Mars T-shirt, a bearded Aldrin is now pushing the idea of getting to the red planet by 2040. 

Talking fashion, Russo informs us that “heel s are out, flats are in ,’’ while walking has been replaced by “helicopters plus Uber’’. Can you smell the rarefied air? 

As she celebrates 37 years in business tomorrow, Russo dodges the question of who she supports for president but does note that Trump’s current missus and ex-wive s are now “hot property’’.

* Anthony Marx, The Courier-Mail 16/9/2016

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