Single Mum of nine sews up job after 256 weeks

Single Mum of nine sews up job after 256 weeks

A simple conversation between single mum of nine Michelle and her employment consultant, Aine Rowe, allowed Michelle to stitch up a job at Tweed Embroidery Shop after being unemployed for 256 weeks.


Michelle mentioned to Aine in passing that she loved craft.  A week or so later Aine wandered into Tweed Embroidery Shop and struck up a conversation with the owner Hayley.


Aine asked Haley if she was looking to employ anyone in the near future.  Hayley said YES! And Aine said ‘ I’ve got just the person. 


Although Michelle lacked many work skills what impressed Aine to put her forward for the job is that her energy never waned, she always immaculate and had such a positive attitude.


With the help of a parent returning to the work wage subsidy, Hayley took a punt on Michelle and has started her off at 15 hours a week with the aim of her becoming a full-time staff member.


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