SUCCESS after Paul PERSISTS rather than RESISTS

SUCCESS after Paul PERSISTS rather than RESISTS

Paul only used one job search engine even though he it wasn’t helping him get a job.  

In fact Paul was extremely resistant to change claiming other options didn’t work, didn’t have jobs and were too hard to use. 

Paul’s Employment Consultant at Sarina Russo Job Access Sunshine, Jaclyn explained to him if he didn’t change his job search behaviour his results wouldn’t change. 

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Jaclyn then sat Paul down and helped him create and personalise his My Gov account, linked it to jobactive and ESS as showed him how to use the website. 

To help Paul navigate the jobactive website he attended weekly job search sessions. 

Paul soon mastered his topic and recently phoned the Sunshine office to let them know that thanks to the jobactive website, he now has a full time job as a delivery driver 

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