The challenge is on to beat the ‘newbie’

The challenge is on to beat the ‘newbie’
Kim Turner, Bailey and Belinda Joy decided to make things happen

Like the poster says – Things do not happen – Things are made to happen.  

Making things happen is exactly what Team Gympie and young Stream C candidate Bailey have done. 

Need Great Staff

Bailey was nothing but dedicated in his endeavour to find work since he came to Sarina Russo Job Access Gympie. Often he’s visit the office twice a day to ask if any new jobs had come up. 

In one of Bailey’s recent Job Club sessions he applied for a job at Coles Express and Bailey got the job. Since the 15th February, Bailey has gone ahead in leaps and bounds and is an example of what hard work, dedication and strong work ethic can achieve.  

He’s already smashing his sales targets receiving a Bronze Award and his manager put out the challenge for the rest of the team to beat the newbie.

The story gets better, because of his excellent performance Bailey was recommended for a position at dual Coles Express stations located on the Bruce Highway near Wild Horse Mountain. He accepted the transfer with his new role giving him 30 plus hours a week.

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