The Power of Now for Ex-Prisoners

The Power of Now for Ex-Prisoners

Social stigma is one of the biggest issues facing ex-prisoners wanting to return to the workforce. 

The general public is judgemental but a lack of self-esteem is often the greatest challenge faced by ex-prisoners in getting a job. 

It is important ex-prisoners realise their history is not tattooed on their forehead and it’s their attitude which will be their biggest asset.  

They must believe in the power of “NOW”.  

We all make mistakes. It is how we overcome these mistakes and how we transform ourselves that counts. 

The message is clear for ex-prisoners wanting to return to work - Be open to learn new skills, be authentic, be honest and be persistent. 

1. Ask for help

Consider sourcing a mentor who has overcome similar challenges 

2. Up skill

Undertake relevant job-ready training. A jobactive employment consultant is a powerful asset who can advise suitable training options.

3. Solid Referees

Attitude is everything to most employers. If you’ve done an odd job for a community group or family friend ask them to be a referee. 

4. Utilise your networks

Don’t be afraid to contact old employers, friends and family who know your work skills and abilities.

5. Prove you are motivated and reliable

Volunteering benefits your job search as it hones valuable work discipline skills and demonstrates you’re putting something back into the community.

6. Become your own boss. 

If you have a business idea ask your jobactive employment consultant about the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS). 

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