The Power of Tennis Psychology - Become more now !!!

The Power of Tennis Psychology - Become more now

By Sarina Russo

Reflecting on the epic tennis match between global icons Federer and Nadal, it inspired me to reach for the stars and continue to back myself in everything I do. 

So create greatness in your fitness and professional life by pushing your psychological state to a new level when challenged in 2017. 

Enjoy your competitors raising their standards which allows you to excel higher again and again - above the rest.  It’s the ultimate!  

Never give up and always challenge your physical and mental state with every aspect of your life!  

Strive to win every point of life but accept you will lose a few points in our life's journey (rejection or disappointment is part of life) and to pick yourself up and keep your passion and discipline burning with a winning desire!  

Look at challenges and ask yourself what "can I learn?" What opportunity does this challenge present? The only place where there are no problems or challenges are in a cemetery!!!  

Embrace the unknown ... Never feel you are a victim but you have been given a "gift" to learn and grow! 

Be accountable and responsible for every decision you make and accept the consequences of your decision regardless of the outcome!  Each decision we make elevates our thinking... it’s called personal development!! 

Remember the psychology of tennis success equally applies to business and life in general!

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